I’m a writer and technology journalist living in San Francisco. I currently write for CNET News as a reporter covering Microsoft, the video game industry and technology that you wear, among other neat things that range from science to space to culture. 

I like to focus on the ways technology is changing how we live, think and interact. I'm fascinating by how social networks are changing how we relive and recall past memories, how virtual and augmented reality is both failing and succeeding against the expectations of science fiction, what the on-demand economy is doing to human interaction and the business models behind selling art in the age of limitless supply. I value above all else writing well and telling stories so that they stay with you long after the browser tab is closed. 

Prior to joining CNET, I was an editorial assistant at the tech blog ReadWrite, where did I did a lot of different things ranging from covering social networks to posting a ton of killer GIFs to Facebook. And before ReadWrite, I was a science writer at Brookhaven National Lab where I got to write about nanotechnology and biophysics and the probing of the universe by America’s one and only proton-smashing particle accelerator. Living at a facility requiring government clearance was somewhat alienating, but Halo 4 had just come out for the Xbox 360, so I survived. 

All through 2012, I was also a contractor at Flipboard, where I curated stories for the social magazine mobile app as part of an international news desk. The team continues to this day as the primary engine driving the company's most popular and widely read sections. Most importantly, however, I worked off my iPhone, which made me feel as if I were living in the future. Now, I just work in front of a boring old desktop monitor staving off wrist pain. 

I graduated from Stony Brook University in New York in 2012 with a degree in journalism and a minor in philosophy. The plan is to continue combining hard thinking and cool storytelling in the Bay Area for as long as San Francisco rent prices allow. After that, who knows.